Our mission

Actual European situation

Despite the reduced gas demand growth, Europe will soon need to increase its natural gas imports in order to cope with declining domestic production and increasing flexibility requirements to meet the renewable energy targets.

In this context, enhanced security of supply (through the diversification of sources, routes and/or counterparts) represents one of the main pillars in achieving Energy Union targets. 

IGI Poseidon's contribution

Towards this objective, IGI Poseidon’s mission is to promote, develop and implement new gas infrastructures contributing to European Union security of supply, through diversification of routes and/or sources. 

Stakeholders involvement

In its intent to provide a practicable and affordable contribution to EU security of supply, the Company involves proactively all relevant stakeholders, integrating their views into the projects development phase.

IGI Poseidon projects are developed in compliance with all applicable National and European legislations and, with the endorsement of relevant Governments, are all classified as project of Common interest in accordance with EU Regulation 347/2013.