A multi-source project -

The Poseidon Pipeline is a multi-source natural gas interconnector stretching from the Turkish-Greek border to Italy. It forms the backbone of a broader system of interconnectors in South East Europe, designed to link European markets with new gas sources and diversified routes. The Poseidon Pipeline represents the evolution of the former design of the project promoted by IGI,the IGI Project, the offshore section between the Greek and Italian coast.
With an Initial Capacity 15 Bcm/y at the Greek-Turkish border and Expansion Capacity of up to 20 Bcm/y, the Poseidon Pipeline links Greece with the Italian, the Bulgarian and the European gas system providing access to the gas infrastructure and sources available at Greece's Eastern borders, including via connections with the EastMed Pipeline and the IGB Pipeline projects, offering Europe an opportunity to strengthen energy security.

The route +

The Poseidon Pipeline will extend for approximately 760 km on Greek territory (the onshore section) from the Turkish-Greek border in Kipi to the landfall in Florovouni and for approximately 216 km crossing the Ionian Sea up to the landfall in Italy and the receiving terminal in Otranto (the offshore section), where it will be connected to the Italian national gas transport system.

The project's new configuration will enable access to gas from the Caspian Basin, Central Asia, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean Basin.

European status +

The strategic role and benefits of the Poseidon Pipeline have been recognized by several agreements and decisions at both the national (Italian and Greek) and European levels, including by key Intergovernmental Agreements between respectively, Greece and Italy as well as Greece, Italy and Turkey that support its realization.
The Poseidon Pipeline complements the IGB and the EastMed pipelines which, along with the offshore section of Poseidon are EU Projects of Common Interest (PCI), in recognition of their contribution to Europe’s diversification and competitiveness goals for a secure and integrated market that reduces the reliance of South East Europe on limited sources and supply routes.
The Poseidon Pipeline is in the list of projects to be included in the 2018 Ten Years Development Plan (TYNDP) of the European Network Transportation System Operators of Gas (ENTSOG) in support of the EU’s targets for a single European gas market and the development of a reliable and safe transmission network to meet Europe's current and future needs.
The Poseidon Pipeline, in its former configuration, has been included in the Trans-European Networks Energy (TEN-E) and European Economic Recovery Programs and it has benefited from funding.

Development status +

IGI Poseidon aims to reach the conditions required for the Final Investment Decision within the 1st half of 2019 and it's engaged in the fast track development process.
The Poseidon Pipeline is already a mature project with most technical activities completed, the major construction permits for the Italian section obtained and the finalization of the permitting procedure in Greece significantly advanced.
 IGI Poseidon's EU notices for the main EPC & Supply contracts for the Poseidon Pipeline are published in the Official Journal of the European Union Supplement (OJ/S).
On June 6, 2018 IGI Poseidon submitted its application for an Exemption from certain provision of EU Directive 2009/73/EC in accordance with art. 36 therein to the relevant regulatory authorities.
On July 31, 2018 IGI Poseidon submitted the Enviromental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the onshore section, to the Greek Ministry of Enviroment and Energy.